Frequently Asked Questions

What size businesses do you partner with?

Due to our experience and expertise, we can partner with any sized business.

What industries does Axis serve?

We work with businesses in a variety of industries and have specific experience working with companies in automotive, banking and finance, computer software, engineering, energy, food service, healthcare, hospitality, legal, logistics, and manufacturing industries, as well as non-profits.

Do you prepare employee handbooks?

Yes. As part of its outsourced HR services, we help businesses of all sizes prepare employee handbooks that align with their unique cultures, industry regulations, and legal requirements. Handbooks, in fact, are just one of the many HR services that we offers to our clients.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We have the experience and expertise to serve clients anywhere in the world. In fact, our leadership team has provided HR leadership and guidance in North America (Canada and Mexico), South America (Chile), Europe (Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and the United Kingdom), Africa (Egypt), Asia (China and Japan), and the Middle East (Israel and Saudi Arabia).

How are the fees for your services structured?

We have hourly rates for services on individual projects and we offer tiered flat monthly fees for packaged services. For our M&A integration services, we have significant flexibility to price our services in a way that’s a win-win for Axis HR and the client—such as either hourly rates, a percentage of deal value, or other flat-fee arrangements.

I’m deciding between an internal HR hire and outsourcing. Which is best?

This is a common question. After all, when you have someone internal you have someone available 40+ hours per week. If we feel you are best served by having your own HR staff, we’ll recommend this. Our company was created to provide support – either full-time or on a pro rata basis.

How do you know what services we need when we’re not even sure?

When you hire Axis HR Solutions, it is our job to get to know you and determine what services make sense for you. We will look at what stage you are in relative to your growth, your plans, and your goals for the coming year and years ahead, and what issues are most pressing. Not everyone needs everything immediately. We can pace your requirements and add services as they make sense, or simply support your current needs. We will recommend only what will help you succeed.

How can you manage our HR without being onsite all the time?

We dedicate as much energy on getting to know you and your people as we do on the HR tasks themselves. It’s all about building trust with you and your people from day one and integrating into your organization as if we worked there full-time.

We have an HR team and only need to supplement our team at certain times for projects or services. How does this work?

We’ll identify your exact needs and then develop a scope of work and plan of action. We’ll work in your systems, culture, and environment as extensions of your team.

How does HR outsourcing work?

You need help with HR, but the last thing you want to do is sink more time into it. We get to know your organization, your people, your culture, and what makes your organization unique. Then we determine what areas of HR make sense for us to take on. Finally, we create a service unique to your organization. We work to fit in as if we were always there and then we get to know you and your team and focus on enhancing every area of your HR that we are managing. We handle your HR needs as if they’re our own – because our reputation depends on it.

Our lawyers say we need compliance training. Can you help?

Yes. The best way to protect yourself is to train employees on how to remain compliant on a myriad of topics and how to handle different situations. We’ll make sure training meets local, state, and federal guidelines. We can also bring an unbiased viewpoint that can objectively identify and address any problematic behaviors that have been normalized (knowingly or otherwise) in your workplace.

Our employee review process isn’t doing much to help performance. What do you recommend?

If you feel like you’re just going through the motions of annual performance reviews, you’re not alone. We’re big fans of perpetual performance management that is an on-going process instead of conducting a review once a year. It’s easier to course-correct, learn about issues quickly, and keep communication lines open.

We need help with employee communication and morale. Can you help with that even though you’re an outside firm?

Yes. Looking at an issue with fresh eyes and lots of HR experience can help turn problems into solutions. As we’re getting to know you and your culture, we’ll give you our honest assessment about what’s working and what isn’t. Then, we’ll help you adopt best practices and put new programs in place. We’ll gather employee feedback, too, in order to track progress. Communication and employee morale are vital to keeping your people happy. We take it as seriously as you do. When your people are happy, we’re happy.

I think our hiring process needs a big overhaul. Can you help us start from scratch?

Yes, we can help. If that’s what you suspect, we’ll work with you to decide on the next step. Hiring has changed a lot. We’ve kept up with modern techniques for hiring and applicant attraction. Finding the right people is too important not to do it right. And if your process only needs adjusting, we’ll tell you that, too, and help you make it the best it can be.